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Maui Taylor Filmography

Bugbog Sarado (2003)
Running Time: 85 min.
Lead Cast: Maui Taylor, Victor Neri, Jordan Herrera, Andrea del Rosario, Marky Lopez
Director: Joel Lamangan
Producer: Vic del Rosario
Screenwriter: Roy Iglesias
Music: Jesse Lucas
Editor: Marya Ignacio
Genre: Bold/Drama
Cinematography: Rolly Manuel
Distributor: Viva Films
Location: Manila

When a couple rents a house, they never expected to have a mystery. They hear curious noises coming from the room of the owners, a married couple who seem to be hiding something. A series of puzzling killings take place, and the couple is embroiled in a dangerous and suspicious situation.

A Joel Lamangan film is expectedly good. But sometimes you wonder if the film itself was too much of an effort for it's stars. The sex may offset the rest of the story, but the effort of the filmmaker, treading on the unexplored ground of a suspense-thriller, may often make-up for the lack in his actors. Director Joel tries his best, and some improvement is seen for the prolific sexy star Maui Taylor.

Director: Rico Gutierrez
Production: Vicente Del Rosario
Distributor: Viva Films
Genre: Erotic/Music Video
Running Time: 60 minutes

Maui Taylor assumes the characters of 11 goddesses, among them Izanami/No Mikoto (Goddess of Creation), Can Nu (The Lady Silkworm), Hera (Virgin Goddess), Artemis (Goddess of Animals), Harpies (Goddess of Wings), Oceana (Goddess of the Ocean), Gaia (Greek Goddess of Mother Earth), Athena (The Warrior Goddess), Medussa (The Serpent Goddess) and Venus( Goddess of Love and Beauty).
Maui Taylor...the ultimate Hot Babe wants to get intimate with you. Let the woman child set your passions ablaze in ten sweltering scenes. Watch Maui Taylor turn herself into enchanting goddesses mere mortals cannot refuse. Unique in style and artistry, the "Sex Goddess" VCD serves as a glorification of the Hot Babe's body. The highly praised director explores different ways of camera treatment to highlight Maui's beauty and set men's passions ablaze. The video reveals Maui's erotic way of connecting with the camera and the viewer. Like a chameleon, Maui remarkably transforms her looks, her aura and her moves to give life to each of the goddesses she play.


Direction: Joel C. Lamangan
Screenplay:Racquel Villavicencio
Music: Von de Guzman
Editing: Marya Ignacio
Cinematography: Rolly Manuel
Other cast:Ara Mina,Jay Manalo
Production: Vicente del Rosario
Distributor: Neo Films
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 99 min

A fake priest and a prostitute connive to stage a hoax to pocket money from the church donations...unaware that a real miracle will come their way that will drastically change their lives. When Martin ( Jay Manalo), an ex-convict, assumes the identity of Father Eman, the people from the town accepted him. But then he falls for Lorena ( Ara Mina), the town prostitute and reveals his true identity to her. Together they plan a scheme to earn the people's faith and "sell" their miracles'. But Lorena's mentally disturbed sister Cion (Maui Taylor ) witnesses an apparition of Blessed Virgin,and as able to cure a disabled young boy. a real miracle that will challenge their faith and transform their lives forever.
But the Kapitana (elisabeth Oropesa) who has a hand in almost every business deal in their barrio wants to keep the donations in the church coffers to herself.
What ensues is a tug-of-war bet�ween Cion�s family and kapitana�s private army. However, the succeeding events would soon change the lives and beliefs of the conspiring local priest and town whore.

Other Cast: Ace Vergel, Victor Neri, Mikey Arroyo Emilio Garcia,
Gwen Garci and Eddie Garcia
Direction: Wilfredo Milan
Distributor: Viva Films
Running time: 1 h 40 m
MTRCB rating: R

Synopsis: Two brothers are separated at birth by the violent death of their mother. One becomes a cop, the other an assassin. The cop ambitiously wants to bring down a drug lord supported by politicians, while the assassin works for the drug lord. The drug lord is also supported by the cult leader who killed their mother. The brothers both work to bring down the cult leader, one to save lives, and solve crime, the other to avenge the death of their mother.

Other Cast: Katya Santos, Andrea del Rosario, Kristine Jaca, Pam Sarmiento, Gwen Garci, Myles Hernandez and Jennifer Rosendahl
Genre: Musical Shorts, Videoke, Music Videos

Discover an erotic fantasy with eight raunchy, tempting and seductive women as VIVA Entertainment opens the door to a private show of the country�s most alluring charmers. Behold scenes too steamy for movies, too wild for television and too hot for mass consumption.

SEX DRIVE (2003)

Direction: Robert Quebral
Other Cast:Katya Santos, Wendell Ramos, Antonio Quintana
Screenplay: Robert Quebral/Quark Henares
Cinematography: Neil Daza
Story: Robert Quebral/Quark Henares
Editing: Danny Gloria
Production: Vic Del Rosario
Distributor: Viva Films
Location: Sagada, Mt. Province/Manila
Genre: Bold/Suspense/Comedy
Running Time: 87 min

Maui and Katya dare you to take the road trip of your life. Maui Taylor is Shiela, a sweet and innocent teenage model who manages to remain a virgin because of her fear of sexual penetration. Katya Santos is Mel, a fashion photographer with an unbridle appetite for sex. When these two meet, Shiela tells Mel about her recent break up. Mel then decides that they should follow they guy up north to Sagada in her yellow Wrangler jeep. Along the way, the fall into all sorts of misadventures involving a handsome stranger and a mysterious killer. Fasten your seatbelt...

HIBLA (2002)

Direction: Yam Laranas
Production: Vic del Rosario Jr.
Screenplay: Edgar Ilao, Quark Henares
Music: Bong Rosario
Editing: Manet A. Dayrit
Cinematography: Yam Laranas
Other Cast: Rica Peralejo,Ricky Davao,
Antonio Aquitania
Genre: Drama / Bold
Distributor: Viva Films
Location: Tanay Rizal
Running Time: 105 min

Isabel (Rica Peralejo) and Clara (Maui Taylor) are childhood friends from a small town who were separated when Clara's family moved to the city due to her mother's ambition. Isabel has since learned to live without her best friend and continued living her simple life with her boyfriend Lando (Antonio Aquintana) who loves her but is frustrated by her conservativism and idealism. Clara's life, however, takes a 180 degree turn as she falls prey to some worthless men, which leads her to develop a self-destructive behavior. Because of this, Clara's father Roman (Ricky Davao) decides to bring her back to the town to start a new life. Upon return, Isabel and Clara try to renew their friendship but their differences soon clash, as each one tries to influence the other in their own ways.As each of them seek their own idea of fulfillment, their motivation and actions will lead them to a tragic and inevitable end.

GAMITAN (2002)

Direction: Quark Henares
Screenplay: Quark Henares
Music: Dennis Garcia
Editing: Tara Illenberger
Production: Vic del Rosario III
Cinematography: Jun Pereira
Genre: Drama
Other Cast: Wendell Ramos. Patricia Javier, Jordan Herrera
Distributor: Viva Films
Location: Manila
Running Time: 120 min

Young and innocent Cathy had a crush on senior hunk, Nick. And to her surprise, one day he came to her and asked her to have dinner and drive her home. One thing led to another until she ended up giving her virginity not knowing that he made a bet with his friends. He dumped her right after he got what he wanted without any explanation. Filled with hatred she seduced Lui, a guy from school to get back at him - and as a favor she would go to bed with him. Things got out of hand and led to a tragic ending.

S2PID LUV (2002)

Direction: Al Tantay
Other Cast: Andrew E., Blakdyak, Angelika dela Cruz and Salbakuta
Running time: 1 hr 30 m
Genre: Comedy
MTRCB rating: PG-13

Two orphans, George (Andrew E) and Bin (Blakdyak) who are also aspiring singers decide to leave the orphanage with hopes of achieving their dreams. Unfortunately, they end up in a junk shop as helpers. One day, as George was buying something, he sees Wendy (Angelika Dela Cruz) with Austin (Michael Flores), who were engaged to be married. But the two figure in an accident and George immediately rushes Wendy to the hospital. He tries to call Jo (Maui Taylor) who happens to be Wendy's cousin, when he found her number in her wallet. George learns that because of the accident, Wendy lost her sight.From here on, Goerge decides to take a part in Wendy's life while Bin and Jo start to get attracted to each other. Soon, George and Bin receives an invitation from a recording company for a concert. Is it the start of their singing career and the end of their romantic bliss?

TATARIN (2001)

Direction: Tikoy Aguiluz
Screenplay: Tikoy Aguiluz, Ricardo Lee, Dez Bautista and Mirana Medina
Production Design: Des Bautista
Based on the play(The Summer Solstice)
by Nick Joaquin
Other cast: Dina Bonnevie, Edu Manzano, Rica Peralejo, Raymund Bagatsing and Carlos Morales
Awards:Manila film festival 2001 entry
Cairo 2002 film festival entry

An adaptation of the popular play of Nick Joaquin, Tatarin tackles the celebration of a sacred feast that liberates. Lupe (Dina Bonnevie), epitomizes a perfect wife - submissive, caring and devoted to her husband Paeng (Edu Manzano). But she later realizes that something is missing in her life. So for the first time in their marriage she rebels against her husband by attending the final rights of Tatarin with Amanda(Rica Peralejo). And there, she seems to lose control of her emotions -- expressing herself through wild dancing. When Paeng saw Lupe, he tried to stop her but she prevailed. Soon, Paeng realizes that he has long been taking his wife for granted. Is it to late for Paeng?

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