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Maui Taylor Trivia


Is the youngest of four siblings. Her eldest sister is a ballerina working for the London Theater while her other sister is a singer for the London Opera House.

Voted the second sexiest woman in a survey conducted by FHM magazine's local edition and sixth in its international edition

When she reached her teens, she was sent over to live in the Philippines because her father didn't want her to grow up a "wild thing" like most teenagers in the United Kingdom


On sexy/bold roles: "It was a career move. I was thinking that I've been in showbiz for four years and it was about time that something happened to my career. But I was about to quit when I was told, 'Give it a shot! Malay mo, ito 'yung way para makilala ka.' So I said, why not?"

On education: "I'm a self-confessed gimick girl but I always prioritize my studies. I'm not an A-student, but my grades are OK. I'm the kind of student who studies but also knows how to have fun."

[On working with Ara Mina filming "Ang Huling Birhen Sa Lupa"]: She comes on time and is very supportive, like during the my rape scene. She kept on encouraging me. We talked about everything from make-up to cellphone. When showbiz

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